Saturday, January 10, 2015

Apple Friendly Press Release Writer and Submit Tools For PR Marketing

Looking for a Mac-friendly press release writing and submission solution? There are many significant advantages of making the most of PR syndication and distribution. It remains an excellent advertising and SEO strategy to attract customer interest and get internet traffic to your business website. Anything that you and your business can make newsworthy in a dynamic and urgent style is suitable for a release. It may be a new hire, an anniversary, a new product, a website launch or redesign. Even rather ordinary daily business events can be made newsworthy.

Writing A Press Release On A Mac

There are some subtleties to writing and outputting a properly formatted press release. It's not difficult, but may take a little time to grasp. The newswire industry has rigorous standards about how a release needs to be written to get interest by not just newsrooms and journalists, but also from your potential customer. We're really fond of the online Instant PR Pro DIY writing tool to help prepare and compose your content. It's a very fast method to quickly generate an an Associated Press - AP formatted PR in only a few minutes. With 20 pre-built design templates all of the typical TYPES of press releases are covered. 

Syndicating A Press Release On A Mac

One can execute a very effective press release strategy all by yourself just by making use of  a few Mac friendly online tools like the low cost LivePR Submission service. It allows you to distribute a steady flow of news releases from your Macintosh computer system using Safari, Chrome or FireFox Mac web browser. You simply copy and paste the pre-written PR content into the appropriate fields and hit submit. After a quick review, your press release will be syndicated on anywhere from 75 to 200+ sites within 24 hours.

Advantages Of Mac PR Submission

To fully take advantage of PR traffic generation and SEO link-building power, these two tools: Instant PR Pro to compose - and Live PR Submitter to mass syndicate your PR press publications are a great combo. Once you get the hang of it, we suggest you issue releases steadily. PR submission are an powerful and reliable method to get your news and keyword targeted headlines featured high in search engine rankings and create a powerful flow of backlinks to your website.