Sunday, March 22, 2015

Build And Grow A Social Media Following Quicker, Faster, Cheaper

Please Dear Gawd, Like Me - Socially

Community based crowd-sourced sharing services like leverage the diverse power of its large user base to help you rapidly develop a fan following or share your URLs and content for you. Another popular service that I've been exploring is which similarly leverages the power of its many members to increase a social following really quickly or slow and steadily - free or at minimal cost.

I'm Your Biggest Fan - I'll Follow You Until You Love Me

If you've been searching for a strategy to quickly build up your social media account following, they're both worth a dabble. They're an easy method to rapidly develop your Twitter following or Facebook page fans, and get content shares on other popular social sharing sites.

I'm Cheap And I'm Easy

With services such as these, you are often given an initial amount of free sharing credits to help you get started. All of them operate on the principle of earning more free credits if you like or share or follow other’s links. That can be time-consuming and tedious, but it's workable for marketers on a shoestring budget.

Pay To Play - Be My Fan

For a somewhat more hands-off approach to gaining social authority or a fan base, you can optionally buy packages of credits. Purchasing credits and having others do the task for you eliminates cluttering up your own accounts or timelines with other people's stuff. Some internet marketers set up accounts and personas separate from their primary business accounts to keep these two worlds separate.

By using either approach you can quickly (or slowly and steadily) grow your following at many of the major social media sites such as FaceBook Twitter Tumblr Pinterest, Google+ MySpace etc. to name only a few. Most offer the option to control the daily limits of shares / likes for more of a steady drip feed than a rapid blast.

Social Strangers In The Night

Obviously, the (ahem) quality of these followers and fans can vary widely. For me, far too many aren't in the USA. Some might follow your account simply for the value of getting and earning their own sharing points, then dump you just as quick. With Twitter fan acquisition, it's all to common for some of them to UN-follow you shortly after earning their credits.

On the other hand, others will consciously and intentionally choose to follow you based on your niche and persona if what you're into aligns with theirs for a higher quality follower. Restricting fans to only come from specified Geo-targeted areas is wise (which you can do with AddMeFast). You not only save credits but get a better caliber of follower.

Miss Social Popularity Contest

So why even bother acquiring cheap or free 'friends'? In the early stages of developing and launching an emerging brand and persona it can help to kickstart the process and at least show some sort of reasonable, visible follower numbers while you can manually work to diligently cultivate a tightly focused and targeted following. It's also helpful when your popularity sags. Every social account, or email marketing list experiences some loss and attrition over time. Even with a great Twitter account, you'll have many unfollows as users continuously prune and refine their accounts. Services like these can get your trajectory growing again.

Quick Tip: For Twitter followers, try Twiends - Offer 2 or 3 credits and follow those offering 4 or more... That'll keep your follower to following ratio high.

Reaching Critical Mass

What sets these two above-mentioned services apart is at least they aren't bulk packages of FAKE followers that so many sell. At least you've got REAL people manually clicking your stuff regardless if their motivations -- and not a bulk buy of pre-made 'Real Looking' Zombie accounts for faux-following you to make your numbers look good. (And often HURT your engagement metrics!)

What I've found interesting is once you get X-Number-Of-Followers -- whether it's on Google+, FaceBook, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn or wherever -- It starts to make a REAL difference in people starting to engage with your shares. I struggled with one Twitter persona for months naturally, organically, slowly and honestly trying to build a very targeted following of 500 that didn't interact. But using services like Add Me Fast and Link Collider (along with a few others) over 90 days, I got that account well past 1500+ and suddenly some degree of ENGAGEMENT started occurring regularly. Bottom line, if your social accounts aren't getting traction - you've got nothing to lose. Get agressive about building your following and things WILL improve.