Sunday, January 31, 2016

Text Spinning App For Mac OSX : EZ Content Rewriting

Do you do article marketing on a Mac? Here's a handy little spintax editing utility available from the Apple App Store online: Article Spinner 2

Color coding of spintax brackets can really help identify problems in flat or nested spun content. Although it includes a dictionary of synonyms, it's VERY basic and rudimentary - but still useful for inserting word substitutions when manual spinning.

The ability to preview - then post a spun variant is handy. Article Spinner 2 for OSX includes the ability to publish live or as a draft to self-hosted WP blogs or free blogs.

Thursday, January 21, 2016

Video Marketing On A Mac - What R U Waiting For

It's never to late to try a Mac video marketing strategy - even if you're late to the game. The SEO and web traffic potential is just too compelling to pass up. And it's value for Brand building and Name Recognition shouldn't be underestimated. In a world where ever-more people can't be bothered to READ anymore, they are increasingly being engaged by video.

Not every Apple user is natural born speaker or actor. But using your Macintosh to create a video doesn't necessarily imply you need to be in front of a webcam if don't want to be. Some folks are infinitely more comfortable just narrating a slideshow behind the scenes, or creating animated explainer videos to visually represent you.

Your Apple computer is an excellent companion that excels for digital video creation and has ever since Apple introduced the first FireWire enabled DV iMacs 15+ years ago. The current selection of video capture and editing apps, screen recording, voice-over and soundtrack audio tools for OSX is staggering.

But beyond your Macintosh - the growth of cloud-based video tools you can access with your Safari, Firefox Mac or Chrome browser is exploding. After dabbling with some explainer tools like RenderForest and Wideo - I've recently been experimenting with VidioDek which is letting me create marketing videos on a Mac in just minutes. With proper long-tail keyword research, getting the videos ranking on Page 1 of Google search results for moderate to low-competition keywords has been brain dead easy.

Saturday, October 17, 2015

Best Online Article Spinner For Mac Gets New Features

Mac Article Spinning Software
One of the best online article spinning apps for Mac (or PC) users just got a recent update to Version 6.0 and key new features. My recommendation for the best article spinner app for Mac is SpinRewriter, a cloud based SaaS - Sofware as a Service app that lives up on cloud servers and works great in any Mac OSX web browser: Safari, Chrome or FireFox for Mac.

Last year the update to version 5 brought some really deep sentence rewriting features to completely rewrite sentences very logically. There was also the abilitly to reorder and spin bulleted list items or rearrange paragraphs. Another key feature in v5 the addition of the PLR article database so you could get started with a new article from the database within seconds. The ability to search for and insert YouTube videos was a nice addition.

Version 6 of Spin Rewriter continues the effort to be the best online article spinner with even more refinements. Visually, the web interface has been revamped to be more clean and open - with online spinning Help tips now available for every feature and function.

Some other new additions for upgraded Gold Members are:

1. An Android and iOS app to spin articles on handheld devices. Perhaps most valuable to Apple or PC tablet users who do internet marketing on the go .

2. Integrated Article Writing Service: You can get up to 50 free articles per month written FOR you - and sent to your SpinRewriter archive for you to use as you please.

3. WordPress Publishing Integration: Long overdue - You can now send any article you've spun directly to any of your self-hosted WordPress blogs with just a click. There's also a spinning plug-in for your WordPress setup to spin content as you blog.

4. Virtual Assistant Access: Limited log-on for outsourcing assistants - who can spin for you but don't have access to your personal archive of spun content or Main account info.

In SEO and webmaster reviews, SpinRewriter gets Top-3 rankings of all the spinners out there. Only the very expensive WordAI Professional Edition is better - but too expensive for most internet marketers to afford. With the special launch promo, you can sign-up for a free 5 day trial - and then lock in SpinRewriter for only $77 a year or about $6 a month. Quite a bargain to leverage and re-purpose existing content into new website traffic generating articles and blog posts!

Sunday, March 22, 2015

Build And Grow A Social Media Following Quicker, Faster, Cheaper

Please Dear Gawd, Like Me - Socially

Community based crowd-sourced sharing services like leverage the diverse power of its large user base to help you rapidly develop a fan following or share your URLs and content for you. Another popular service that I've been exploring is which similarly leverages the power of its many members to increase a social following really quickly or slow and steadily - free or at minimal cost.

I'm Your Biggest Fan - I'll Follow You Until You Love Me

If you've been searching for a strategy to quickly build up your social media account following, they're both worth a dabble. They're an easy method to rapidly develop your Twitter following or Facebook page fans, and get content shares on other popular social sharing sites.

I'm Cheap And I'm Easy

With services such as these, you are often given an initial amount of free sharing credits to help you get started. All of them operate on the principle of earning more free credits if you like or share or follow other’s links. That can be time-consuming and tedious, but it's workable for marketers on a shoestring budget.

Pay To Play - Be My Fan

For a somewhat more hands-off approach to gaining social authority or a fan base, you can optionally buy packages of credits. Purchasing credits and having others do the task for you eliminates cluttering up your own accounts or timelines with other people's stuff. Some internet marketers set up accounts and personas separate from their primary business accounts to keep these two worlds separate.

By using either approach you can quickly (or slowly and steadily) grow your following at many of the major social media sites such as FaceBook Twitter Tumblr Pinterest, Google+ MySpace etc. to name only a few. Most offer the option to control the daily limits of shares / likes for more of a steady drip feed than a rapid blast.

Social Strangers In The Night

Obviously, the (ahem) quality of these followers and fans can vary widely. For me, far too many aren't in the USA. Some might follow your account simply for the value of getting and earning their own sharing points, then dump you just as quick. With Twitter fan acquisition, it's all to common for some of them to UN-follow you shortly after earning their credits.

On the other hand, others will consciously and intentionally choose to follow you based on your niche and persona if what you're into aligns with theirs for a higher quality follower. Restricting fans to only come from specified Geo-targeted areas is wise (which you can do with AddMeFast). You not only save credits but get a better caliber of follower.

Miss Social Popularity Contest

So why even bother acquiring cheap or free 'friends'? In the early stages of developing and launching an emerging brand and persona it can help to kickstart the process and at least show some sort of reasonable, visible follower numbers while you can manually work to diligently cultivate a tightly focused and targeted following. It's also helpful when your popularity sags. Every social account, or email marketing list experiences some loss and attrition over time. Even with a great Twitter account, you'll have many unfollows as users continuously prune and refine their accounts. Services like these can get your trajectory growing again.

Quick Tip: For Twitter followers, try Twiends - Offer 2 or 3 credits and follow those offering 4 or more... That'll keep your follower to following ratio high.

Reaching Critical Mass

What sets these two above-mentioned services apart is at least they aren't bulk packages of FAKE followers that so many sell. At least you've got REAL people manually clicking your stuff regardless if their motivations -- and not a bulk buy of pre-made 'Real Looking' Zombie accounts for faux-following you to make your numbers look good. (And often HURT your engagement metrics!)

What I've found interesting is once you get X-Number-Of-Followers -- whether it's on Google+, FaceBook, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn or wherever -- It starts to make a REAL difference in people starting to engage with your shares. I struggled with one Twitter persona for months naturally, organically, slowly and honestly trying to build a very targeted following of 500 that didn't interact. But using services like Add Me Fast and Link Collider (along with a few others) over 90 days, I got that account well past 1500+ and suddenly some degree of ENGAGEMENT started occurring regularly. Bottom line, if your social accounts aren't getting traction - you've got nothing to lose. Get agressive about building your following and things WILL improve.

Saturday, January 10, 2015

Apple Friendly Press Release Writer and Submit Tools For PR Marketing

Looking for a Mac-friendly press release writing and submission solution? There are many significant advantages of making the most of PR syndication and distribution. It remains an excellent advertising and SEO strategy to attract customer interest and get internet traffic to your business website. Anything that you and your business can make newsworthy in a dynamic and urgent style is suitable for a release. It may be a new hire, an anniversary, a new product, a website launch or redesign. Even rather ordinary daily business events can be made newsworthy.

Writing A Press Release On A Mac

There are some subtleties to writing and outputting a properly formatted press release. It's not difficult, but may take a little time to grasp. The newswire industry has rigorous standards about how a release needs to be written to get interest by not just newsrooms and journalists, but also from your potential customer. We're really fond of the online Instant PR Pro DIY writing tool to help prepare and compose your content. It's a very fast method to quickly generate an an Associated Press - AP formatted PR in only a few minutes. With 20 pre-built design templates all of the typical TYPES of press releases are covered. 

Syndicating A Press Release On A Mac

One can execute a very effective press release strategy all by yourself just by making use of  a few Mac friendly online tools like the low cost LivePR Submission service. It allows you to distribute a steady flow of news releases from your Macintosh computer system using Safari, Chrome or FireFox Mac web browser. You simply copy and paste the pre-written PR content into the appropriate fields and hit submit. After a quick review, your press release will be syndicated on anywhere from 75 to 200+ sites within 24 hours.

Advantages Of Mac PR Submission

To fully take advantage of PR traffic generation and SEO link-building power, these two tools: Instant PR Pro to compose - and Live PR Submitter to mass syndicate your PR press publications are a great combo. Once you get the hang of it, we suggest you issue releases steadily. PR submission are an powerful and reliable method to get your news and keyword targeted headlines featured high in search engine rankings and create a powerful flow of backlinks to your website.

Sunday, October 19, 2014

Quick Review Of SpinRewriter v5.0 - Awesome New Spintax Generator Features

With the recent next-generation release of SpinRewriter version 5.0, one of the leading Mac browser friendly content spinners incorporates several new key features that decidedly take spintax code generation and unique article creation to a state-of-the-art standard. Here's some standout improvements:

+ The processing rate of text rewriting and spintax substitution has been enhanced dramatically. What used to take a handful or dozens of seconds is now down to just 1 or 2 seconds for the average article.

+ Users can choose to have the paragraph sections or lists in their generated posts intelligently rearranged automatically. Numbered lists where a specific sequence of steps is crucial will remain untouched. Unordered lists like this bulleted section of new Spin Rewriter 5 features can be automatically and intelligently rearranged for you without altering the article's readability or intent

+ An integrated and intelligent Grammar and Spelling Checker with one-click functions helps identify any imperfections in your original content and insure smooth readability in the final spun output.

+ Spin Rewrite 5 users have the option to fetch relevant seed articles for spinning directly from the Big Content Search database of PLR articles. You can keyword search their massive data bank of more than 100 thousand well-edited articles on nearly any topic. It's an excellent way to get a quick start on generating fresh website or blog content.

+ Subscribers can now peruse and quickly insert keyword-specific YouTube video content into the article you produce within seconds. You can make a selection from a handful of video clip thumbnails, and then opt to have, say, just one or two of them randomly placed within the final spun article code.

We are especially thrilled about the access to the Big Content Search article system. You might decide to simply retrieve and spin the articles as is. But you could also opt to find and incorporate just specific sentences or paragraphs into your own compositions for more extensive and lengthier in-depth articles which search engine appear to prefer.

We're also excited by the addition of YouTube video clip embedding to strive to help readers engage with the article more deeply, increase on-page time, and lower bounce rates. Despite the fact that keywords search and selection vids from thumbnails is quick and easy, whether the selected videos are genuinely the BEST ones to randomly incorporate can be a little iffy.

The addition of spell checking and grammar analysis is overdue. It will really help insure that the final spintax output is as satisfactory to your readers as it can be.

Lastly the overall speed improvements are dramatic. For long-time users of SpinRewriter you'll be amazed at how fast even lengthy, in-depth 1200, 1600+ word articles are processed! If you opt for 1-Click Rewrite, it just blazes through content in mere seconds. A 5 day free trial period is a great way to explore SpinRewriter 5's full feature set.

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Domain Age As A Google Ranking Factor - Hopeless SEO

Take a look at the chart to your right. The Top 10 Google SERP positions for a technology product. The column highlighted in pink is the DA - Domain Age of sites that are currently appearing on Page 1 of Google search results. None of the search results in this example are less than 11 years old! Many queries are starting to look just like that: There's just no room on Page 1 for a newcomer to squeak in. You could follow ALL of Google's guidelines to a 'T' - and still never make it to the top 10. Ever.

In this case we're looking for not just a hard drive, not just an external hard drive, but a search for the 'best external hard drive FOR MAC' which puts it way out into a much less competitive and niche-y 6-word, medium-to-long-tail keyword space - and still the Top 10 is hopelessly locked in and reserved for only the most established and aged retailers and tech companies on the internet.

For those of you who once had successful, thriving sites - and handfuls of not dozen or hundreds of ranking keywords that used to make it onto page one - this is what you're up against. These well-aged domains have such an utter lock-in now, that getting shoved off onto Page 2 or worse has been utterly fatal to your traffic and your online business.

This chart shows historical search traffic for this particular site from - And it's like 80% of ALL SITES on the internet since Google Panda and Penguin updates hit 1-2 years ago. It isn't just about traffic loss from sites getting 'punished'  - but parallels KEYWORD LOSS of ranking keywords in the Top 20 positions (which is what SEMRush tracks - the first 20 positions.)

Website after website displays graphs like this. Of the keywords that still rank - many are finding only their NAME / BRAND still ranks -- and any keywords ABOUT the nature or products or services of the site itself have been strangled out of relevance - and visibility.

The point I'm trying to make in this post is two-fold:

1. In its quest for 'Quality' search results, Google has really cranked up the dial on Domain Age to even get seen these days. The consolidation of power - and visibility - is drastically being reduced to the top entities on the web - and quite frankly 90% of the internet HAS in fact, been declared or reduced to 'garbage' -- unneeded, unwanted, and disposable.

2. For all the possible penalties and flags and metrics that your site can fail at under the pressure of continuing iterations of Panda and Penguin updates -- It may be your site is actually performing better under those than you think. Maybe you're NOT nearly as 'penalized' as you imagine your site(s) to be. It may simply be that YOU'RE NOT ALLOWED on Page 1 anymore like the good old days when multiple slots on Page 1 of Google SERPS used to be open to younger and new sites.

The net result for many sites under 5 years old: Being shoved off onto Page 2 and beyond feels like a penalty, but it may simply be your 'young site' is no longer being REWARDED for flawless on-page keyword usage, topic relevance, exact or partial match domain boost, or the mix of decent and so-so backlinks you do have that once propped-up your site.

I've seen this exact pattern on site after site: My own, my friends, my clients. Pressure from the Old Guard at the top, squeezed by punitive algos from the bottom. Ultimately, it's a NO-WIN situation with Google, and the sooner the 90% of us realize that and move on -- the sooner you can set out on new and other paths you site(s) can survive and thrive on.

Friday, September 6, 2013

Tracking Google Algo Fluctuations - Made Easy With MozCast and Algoroo

Trying to make sense of the wild ups and downs your site may experience from minor and sometimes major fluctuations in organic Google search traffic may be challenging. It is something YOU did with your site content or back-linking that made a positive difference - or a negative consequence? Or is Google 'Up to something?'

There's two great online resources can give you a quick reality check and a Big Picture sense of external algo factors that may be affecting EVERYONE - and not jut you and your own site(s).

Algoroo offers a an easy to grok dashboard showing the degree of volatility in Google SERPS over the past month, with more volatile days shown in red, the more uneventful ones in green in the bar graph. The 'speedometer' widgets reflect both a visual and numeric readout of Overall, Monthly and Yesterdays changes.

Likewise, MozCast offers a comparable but more simplistic chart of Google SERP volatility. They use a bar graph and a 'Weather' metaphor and temperature readout for how 'Hot and Stormy' the day to changes of the Top 10 SERP positions have been recently.

Note that despite having their own formulas for how they calculate and track top keywords across major themes (Tech, News, Sports, Shopping, Health, Business, Etc) both Mozcast and Algoroo largely agree and correlate highly on the overall pattern. Both identify when SERPS are at an extreme state of flux, and when things are calmer.

How To Use For Content Curation And Website Traffic Generation

Content CURATION continues to be all the rage in the internet marketing world. If you can't keep up generating your own unique and quality content, you can still generate traffic, mindshare and market share by curating relevant and related content of others in your niche or area of interest. is a fantastic site for curating and sharing your favorite content whether it's your own - or others. And a great SEO strategy is to leverage's PR7 authority and high daily traffic levels to help boost your own authority.

Like Pinterest is to photos, is to blog posts and static pages. You simply enter the URL of your own - or other's content, it extracts a snippet and photo, and then you have the opportunity to curate with a comment, and tag the post for better visibility. When linked to your other social media accounts, your new scoops then get shared across the net to critical places like Twitter, FaceBook, Linked In, WordPress or other configured sites when you hit 'post'. VERY powerful stuff! It can be a simple AUTOMATED Social Media Marketing tool much like Buffer or OnlyWire.

Like Pinterest with Pin Boards -- You create one or more ideally tightly themed 'Topics' on and curate related content within each.

To really leverage the traffic and SEO power of - Here's some essential setup tips to get your free account set up right from the get-go. (Study my page for an idea of a completely configured Topic page}

  1. Fill out a complete account profile that includes a http:// link back to your preferred site in your description.
  2. Choose your 1st and subsequent Topic Titles carefully with a succinct 2-4 words, preferably an important keyword phrase. The URL permalink to your topic page will be created from your Title and should look like this: for maximum SEO and ranking benefit.
  3. Make sure you fill out a good 2-3 sentence keyword loaded description about your topic. Again there's an opportunity for each topic description to have a clickable http:// link in it at the end.
  4. Explore your Account Settings more deeply - and LINK UP a few of your Social Media Accounts to automate distribution when your Scoop goes live.
  5. Scoop your first item. It could be a page or post of your own - or anything you like related to the topic. You can manually past in a URL - or install their Browser Toolbar Button to Scoop anything you visit on the web.
  6. EDIT the original content's title - It's an important opportunity for the Scoop post to target slightly different keywords than the original content. i.e. You blog post might have targeted 'How To Choose A Yoga Mat' - but you now have an opportunity to alter it and go after 'Yoga Mat Shopping Tips' for the Title when you curate your Scoop.
  7. Choose a different - or Upload a better photo if need be to make sure the scoop is eye-catching.
  8. Add your curation comments in the box provided. Highlight why the content is interesting, you can optionally add another raw http: link at the end of your curation comment to target another page on the site scooped or anywhere related that you like: A Twitter account, a FaceBook Page, URL, etc. Anywhere you might want to send traffic to.
  9. Check your 'Share' Tab Settings: Your FaceBook post text or Twitter tweet content can be customized.
  10. Click the 'Advanced' Tab to see options to Tag your posts with a few succinct tags. 1 or 2 word tags, not long complex phrases are best here.
  11. Double-check everything - Then hit 'Publish'

Once you have a live Scoop topic up and running with it's first post - Here's a few more 'Best Practices' to really leverage the platform both withing's community -- and to send traffic to your money site(s):

  1. Share, Bookmark, Tweet or promote your your main Account Topics Page.
  2. Promote the URL to each Topic you create. Build 2nd-Tier links to boost your Topic rankings
  3. Copy the RSS Feed URL automatically created for each topic and submit that to some feed sites so new Scoops automatically get links built to them and crawled quickly.
  4. Get CONNECTED. Find other Topics and start Following those you're interested in - and ideally one's that are very active and have a lot of users and views. Some topics don't.
  5. RE-Scoop articles by others to help broaden your topic's appeal. Other users will be notified you shared something of theirs, become aware of you - and are likely to start following and sharing your stuff in return. It is after all a Social site - so be a bit social with other Scoopers and you'll be rewarded.
  6. Most of my scoops are to my own content and money sites - but it's important to mix-it-up with other things of interest and dilute your own self-promotion to avoid being heavy handed.
  7. Stay ACTIVE! Find a tidbit or two to post or re-scoop to keep the momentum going each day when you get started with It may take a week or three to flesh-out your Topic(s) and start getting real traction for your content.
  8. Monitor your score and activity: has graphs and stats to give you feedback on your Topic's performance.
  9. Scoop BETTER and MORE than others. Scoop Topics increase in numeric rank with more activity and sharing - and rise higher in the internal 'Search' function of Strive to get your Scoop Topic SCORE above 50 and you'll rank higher there than most of the other idle, occasional, passive users! The eyeballs go to those who simply do a little bit more than the average user.

In conclusion: Scoop Topics and Posts can rank on Page 1 of SERPS at Google and Bing/Yahoo as well! That's how powerful it is as a platform - and why spending a few minutes each day there can help grow both DIRECT and ORGANIC search traffic to your site. Like Pinterest or Tumblr, you'll find the SEO value of to be much better for ongoing, long-term traffic -- and not like Twitter or FaceBook which can fade within hours or a single day. In this era where many have lost much or all of thier organic traffic from Google, can be another important piece of your 'SEO safety-net' by being a steady, supplemental source of referral traffic.

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Google Penguin Update - April 2103 ??? Happy Anniversary!

Let's see - what day was it - For me: April 24th 2012 was the day Google's initial Penguin update hit my websites - and really there's been NO real recovery since. As Google Intended.

Even the elite of the SEO world are shaking sticks and warning of THE NEXT PENGUIN UPDATE in 2013 that will (once again) rock the internet as you know it and bring another million websites to it's knees into the SEO cesspool of invisibility.

As we approach the 1 year anniversary of Google's Penguin Algo update in 2013 - I just ponder all the juicy details they've amassed from all the self-serving, self-preservationist webmaster Rat-Finks who divulged all their nasty, nasty links with the Disavow Tool - and all that delicious data-mining fodder will be the ammo that blasts the remaining Democracy of Internet Publishing to shreds.

I stopped using Google Search a year ago, if you think their self-serving SERP results contain only a fraction of what's REALLY out there on the internet - wait till the big kahuna "DEATH BLOW" update strikes....

If you had a website or sites that were gasping for their last dying breath for traffic -- Be at peace as the Grim Reaper comes to harvest the cold and still corpse that will be left after this next major Penguin update.

Monday, February 4, 2013

Google February Update 2013 : Check. Checkmate.

In late January and now into early February, Google seems to be afoot with another round of algo tweaks and it isn't pretty: If you already have lost a ton of your website traffic, you're probably losing even more. From what I can tell: More loss of ranking keywords overall, lower ranking for top money keywords, and continued downward pressure on most of your backlink sources that can no longer prop up your site(s). Slow death by STRANGULATION. It's like a bad game of chess and the majority of us are getting backed against the wall. Check. Checkmate!

For all practical purposes, most of our sites are DEAD in Google's eyes - unless there's an obscure, long-tail keyword they can USE you for on occasion. Eventually whatever PageRank you had will decline too because PR isn't just about the authority of backlinks pointing to your site, it's about the traffic you get. And as your traffic erodes, so will your visible PageRank score when it's updated and periodically refreshed.
If you look at the graph above you'll see a consistent pattern. The two traffic charts on the left are just random sites with a pattern I endlessly see at : THe fatal Penguin Update of April 2012 destroyed their website traffic - and they simply have not recovered since. It doesn't matter what the domains are. I coulda grabbed 100 graphs - and 90% of them would show this pattern. Penguin didn't just damage YOUR website, it decimated the visibility and ultimately -- the entire DEMOCRACY of the internet. 90% of the internet is GARBAGE in Google's view and it seems 2013 Google updates will just take out the last of the remaining trash.

The graph on the right-hand side is an aggregate chart of dozens of websites I monitor and track. Not just my own - but client sites as well added into the mix - tracked by Quantcast. The pattern is still the same. There's an absolute decimation of traffic that hit in April 2012, and there's absolutely no recovery in the 10 months since. As Google apparently intends... Stick a fork in it. Fold your cards. Tip over your King and concede the game. Google doesn't really care if my sites - or your sites - even exist.

The flatline you see is all that remains: Thank you Bing, Yahoo, FaceBook, Twitter, Pinterest -- the crumbs you leave behind are mighty tasty when one is on a starvation diet...

Monday, December 10, 2012

Optimize For Bing SEO - Keep It Simple Stupid

SEO optimization for Bing search is something far too few SEO bloggers talk about. In a greedy web world, so much of the focus is spent on how to evade Google's ever strangling noose and it's horrific grip on the internet. The highly-profitable obsession with ranking in Google has always put Bing SEO in the back seat. For Mac Affiliate Marketers - it's no secret that in the post Penguin - Panda update era, Google has so devalued pages with affiliate links in them, the decimation to your organic website traffic from Google probably has you largely clinging to the crumbs that Bing and Yahoo organic search can still deliver.

In it's recent BING IT ON Bing vs. Google search challenge, Microsoft dared us to compare Google and Bing SERPS and encouraged some to SWITCH their default browser engine to Bing. I did just that a month or two ago. Living with Bing search results has been a frustrating and informative process of understanding Bing and it's quirks and limitations A LOT better.

"KEEP IT SIMPLE, STUPID" is what I learned foremost. The utter lack of search query handling sophistication became apparent quickly. Bing just can't seem to handle more than 2 or 3 keyword sequences well AT ALL. Typing 4, 5 and 6 word phrases seems to leave Bing utterly confused as to what your search INTENT really is. Try something like a search on Best Fitness Books Of 2012 and Bing will deliver an utterly laughable set of CRAP results. Keep doing this with other 4-5 word phrases -- and you'll soon realize that Bing has some serious problems that Google handles with intelligence. Then try Yahoo - and see how the algo's Yahoo applies to Bing's database is far, far more sophisticated! Yahoo actually delivers modified Bing database results far more in line with your search intent than Bing does.

THE SEO FOR BING TAKE-AWAY: It seems browser Page Title and on-page H1 and H2 tags should be kept short, simple and highly targeted to your top money keywords. "Best Food Blender" or "Cheap Camping Tents" is the most you should go for. I also noted Bing will often grab your on-page H1 header as the first sentence of the Description in your SERP result listing. They seem willing to bypass conventional Meta Description tags you may have crafted and focus on H1 header instead...

BING SHOWS FEW SERP RESULTS: Something interesting - and disconcerting - is the LIMITED NUMBER OF PAGES of results Bing returns. Sometimes it's only 1 or 3 pages -- so unlike Google, there may NOT even be 10 or more pages of results for searchers to dig through! Bing so HEAVILY PRUNES DISPLAYED RESULTS that being past position 30 of SERPS may be utterly irrelevant.

BING FAVORS HUBPAGES: One little thing I noticed trying to live with Bing is it seems to LOVE HUBPAGES.COM - (at least currently...) So one supplimental SEO for Bing strategy might be to create succinct 2-3 keyword loaded Hub Page URL's to try to get them into Bing's top SERPS. (Google on the other hand seems to favor SQUIDOO lenses.)

BING LIKES BLOGS - LESS SO FORUMS: Unlike Google, who seem to be giving Forum Postings VERY high Page One rankings (even if the Thread/Topic is YEARS old!) - Bing doesn't seem to care much for indexing forum threads. Blogs have a clear preference in Bing - and surprisingly they like Google-owned BLOGSPOT blogs!

BING LOCAL LISTINGS AND CITATION SITES:  Of all the Local sites, Bing clearly shows a preference for, City-Data, Manta, and MagicYellow -- but as for other local sites....

BING PAYS ATTENTION TO FOOTER LINKS: This one is really strange -- if you have a unique Brand or Company Name - and use that linked in the footer of your (site / sites) Bing seems to pick up on it. I've often done this with several of my affiliate sites (i.e. "Copyright 2013 MacSEOTips" and Bing is more likely to pick up on that linked reference in the footer than from nearly anywhere else on page! Just bizarre.

BING AND BRAND RECOGNITION SEO: Searching Bing for truly UNIQUE names and brands is quite an eye-opener. Your name or brand typed in quotes in Google clearly shows EXACTLY which AUTHORITY DOMAINS - in RANKED ORDER - they know about you on page after page of Google SERPS. Well, try that with Bing and you'll once again see how BRAIN DEAD Bing can be as a search engine in general.

All the above are just casual observations. As I delve deeper into analyzing Bing SEO rankings in depth, I'll post an ACTIONABLE hit-list of "How to SEO optimize for Bing" In the interim, spending some serious time studying and observing your own sites and how well (or not) they rank in Bing SERPS might help you improve your on Bing rankings - and protect your affiliate sites from Google's ever-tightening noose.