Sunday, October 19, 2014

Quick Review Of SpinRewriter v5.0 - Awesome New Spintax Generator Features

With the recent next-generation release of SpinRewriter version 5.0, one of the leading Mac browser friendly content spinners incorporates several new key features that decidedly take spintax code generation and unique article creation to a state-of-the-art standard. Here's some standout improvements:

+ The processing rate of text rewriting and spintax substitution has been enhanced dramatically. What used to take a handful or dozens of seconds is now down to just 1 or 2 seconds for the average article.

+ Users can choose to have the paragraph sections or lists in their generated posts intelligently rearranged automatically. Numbered lists where a specific sequence of steps is crucial will remain untouched. Unordered lists like this bulleted section of new Spin Rewriter 5 features can be automatically and intelligently rearranged for you without altering the article's readability or intent

+ An integrated and intelligent Grammar and Spelling Checker with one-click functions helps identify any imperfections in your original content and insure smooth readability in the final spun output.

+ Spin Rewrite 5 users have the option to fetch relevant seed articles for spinning directly from the Big Content Search database of PLR articles. You can keyword search their massive data bank of more than 100 thousand well-edited articles on nearly any topic. It's an excellent way to get a quick start on generating fresh website or blog content.

+ Subscribers can now peruse and quickly insert keyword-specific YouTube video content into the article you produce within seconds. You can make a selection from a handful of video clip thumbnails, and then opt to have, say, just one or two of them randomly placed within the final spun article code.

We are especially thrilled about the access to the Big Content Search article system. You might decide to simply retrieve and spin the articles as is. But you could also opt to find and incorporate just specific sentences or paragraphs into your own compositions for more extensive and lengthier in-depth articles which search engine appear to prefer.

We're also excited by the addition of YouTube video clip embedding to strive to help readers engage with the article more deeply, increase on-page time, and lower bounce rates. Despite the fact that keywords search and selection vids from thumbnails is quick and easy, whether the selected videos are genuinely the BEST ones to randomly incorporate can be a little iffy.

The addition of spell checking and grammar analysis is overdue. It will really help insure that the final spintax output is as satisfactory to your readers as it can be.

Lastly the overall speed improvements are dramatic. For long-time users of SpinRewriter you'll be amazed at how fast even lengthy, in-depth 1200, 1600+ word articles are processed! If you opt for 1-Click Rewrite, it just blazes through content in mere seconds. A 5 day free trial period is a great way to explore SpinRewriter 5's full feature set.