Sunday, September 23, 2012

OSX Mountain Lion Dictation for Mac Internet Marketing

I'm not the only one seeing the Mac SEO - SEM possibilities of Internet Marketing Using Apple Dictation. OSX 10.8 Mountain Lion expands on Apple's existing speech recognition capabilities to now include SPEECH TO TEXT translation with the new Dictation services that work in ANY Mac text editing capable program - or even inside any web page where you can enter text.

Whether you're dictating web page content, a new blog post, or using Apple Dictation to create a status update to FaceBook or Twitter - you can now just say what's on your mind instead of whacking it out on the keyboard. Lots of possibilities here - and it's a FREE part of the update to OSX Mountain Lion.
For many Mac users, the built-in mic of your MacBook or iMac is sufficient to get started with OSX Dictation, but for Mac mini and Macintosh Pro tower owners -- or those with heavy dictation needs -- for the most accurate speech recognition you'll want an external USB microphone or quality headset for Mac text to speech services.