Thursday, November 15, 2012

Mac Webmaster Tip : Monetizing Parked Domains QUICK!

Sitting on too many parked domains and want to earn income from them in the meantime?

Monetize your web site

Sometimes a Mac webmaster may have one of those crazy nights where you get a 'brilliant' internet domination idea and go domain name registration happy at a registrar like GoDaddy. They get you with that 'Buy Six and Save!' for discount domains and free private registration -- and the next day you wonder what the hell were you thinking anyways. But there you have it. Even more domains to deal with and try to build sites for -- when you can't hardly manage the websites you already have.

Well, thanks to and their FREE DOMAIN PARKING, you can literally get those parked domains up and live with automatically placed content and earning money from your affiliate and AdSense links within minutes. With each domain you add to the system, a WordPress auto-blog is created instantly based on the Category, Browser Title, Site Description, Keywords you specify. Custom or Auto posts can be added to the body, and the headers, footer and sidebar can be customized with links, affiliate banners and content of your choosing.

Once you set up a site - simply point your hosting domain servers to the DNS server names they provide and you're custom WordPress blog is up and live within minutes -- to tweak further, build links to, and begin the traffic driving process. Daily or weekly auto-posting of theme related content can let you simply 'Set It And Forget It' after that if you choose.