Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Mac Internet Marketing Using Apple Dictation

Here's a link to a guest post for Apple website owners interested in website content creation using Apple Dictation. As I continue to explore Apple's Speech-To-Text capabilities in OSX Mountain Lion and the new Dictation System Preference - I'm using it more and more often in spite of the fact I'm a reasonably fast and accurate typist.

What I'm finding uniquely beneficial to using my MacBook's newfound dictation abilities is how differently I tend to 'write' when I'm talking about areas of my expertise. It's so much easier for any webmaster to TALK ABOUT their knowledge of a given niche than hammer it out on the keyboard. And what results is far more lengthy and detailed blog posts or webpage content pieces.

Mac webmasters who are into article writing and distribution may find it far easier to write lengthier 300, 400, 500 word or more articles by simply speaking about their field of knowledge rather than having to type it. Apple dictation services really is timesaver when you can simply discuss and talk about your area of knowledge without over-thinking and worrying about keyword usage and length of the article. When you speak using Apple dictation, words just flow easily from your mind onto the page. The end result is much more comprehensive natural and highly readable conversational style of writing that serves your Internet marketing and website promotion needs perfectly.