Monday, July 9, 2012

Yandex Webmaster Tools For Global Search

Nice to see - the Big Search Engine serving Russia and Eastern European countries building a great search engine - and also becoming a maturing Global player as well. You can see the English language version by visiting yandex.COM

Did you know? They offer a comprehensive set of site analysis tools for website owners at:

You can do a basic submit of your site to Yandex (English version) from this link - and it will tell you if your domain is already indexed or not. I found most of my sites already were indexed - and ranking rather well thanks to proper on-page optimization and diverse links which Yandex clearly respects. (Compare this to Google, who as of late is so obsessed with imposing penalties, demoting keywords, and punishing backlink profiles that * what your pages actually say * has very little to do with how it ranks anymore...)

With registration, and then a validation process for each site you can get a broad range of deeper tools to see how your site's performing. You may need to revisit Yandex after doing this so it has time to index or recrawl a site to return more meaningful info next time around.