Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Nothing To Lose SEO - When Google Can't Hurt You Anymore

Perhaps Matt Cuts and his Google Web Spam team might smugly smile when they see a traffic graph like this: Here's a big picture view of an 'empire' of websites in aggregate that initially survived Panda rollout wrath - reached new traffic heights afterwards - then succumbed just prior to the Holiday shopping season when Google started to heavily tilt Page 1 sites towards Online and Big Brand Retailers and highly aged authority sites in general.

There's a trending spike up for December 2011 shopping traffic regardless, but then a slow decline as each successive re-crawl weakens things steadily. And then of course on April 24th, the Google Penguin update hits and another 50% overall loss of traffic ensues.

The saddest thing about this may not be the traffic losses. Whatever link building was done in the Mid 2010 to 2011 period was highly effective at literally DOUBLING traffic to all these sites over a 12 month period... and then Google abruptly chose to PUNISH the same links they rewarded in two apparently fatal fell-swoops. But that's just how this Post-Penguin traffic graph APPEARS to be. Because the remaining traffic from Bing, Yahoo, Blogs, Social Media, Directories, Article Marketing and more --- STILL ADD UP to an affiliate income stream that is HIGHER than the median income of the average American family!

What you're left with is 'Nothing To Lose SEO' where the worst Google could do at this point DOESN'T MATTER ANYMORE. Imagine that: A sustainable affiliate income stream leveraging other traffic sources - where ranking in Google organic search isn't needed anymore. Not. One. Bit.