Saturday, July 21, 2012

SEO Rats On A Sinking Ship : Google Unnatural Link Warnings

Got an 'Unnatural Link' warning in your Google Webmaster Tools messages? Experiencing major traffic loss to your site as a result of website penalties? Freaking out? Panicking? Scrambling to 'fix the past' and 'clean up' you backlink profile of dirty, dirty links? Ready to confess your link building 'sins', name-names, and beg for reinclusion forgiveness? Well, before you do -- THINK about the implications of what you're about to do...

You selfish bastard. You greedy pig. You finger-pointing blabber mouth. Your business, profits, and traffic are on a sinking ship with a million and one other rats about to drown. And really - it's all about you. You might think: Save your own webmaster hide - and screw the rest.

So you start submitting 'bad' URL's to Google (or now Bing for that matter.) Have you considered the implications? Say you report a web directory, or blog, or link building service. Congratulations. Maybe Google will just penalize them - or perhaps more likely - DEINDEX the entire domain you reported from search results forever. And in doing that; you not only destroyed, say, a web directory or blog owners income stream - but you've also drained any link juice or potential traffic to the hundreds or thousands of other sites on it. You reported links to some blog network you used - and oh, the $47 a month you wasted was one thing, but by helping identify a blog networks 'footprint' for deindexing - EVERYONE else who used and spent their hard-earned money on it get's shafted too. Because Of You. Because you rat-finked thinking it would save yourself-ish self.

Ethically speaking: Do you have a RIGHT to do that? On a sinking ship will you claw on the backs of others in your fight for SERP survival? Is it MORAL to help destroy someone else's livelihood, or damage others in the process? Will you JUSTIFY and rationalize your actions as Google's little good-guy helper helping to 'clean up' the internet?

Google is BANKING on the predictable behavior's of drowning rats. And the sad irony of your participation is that it might not matter one bit to your site. You may report links that aren't hurting you anyways. You may never get your ranking keywords back onto Page 1 anyways. You might not get re-indexed or the penalties lifted. And your site(s) might just die a slow death anyways....

Me personally? I'm just going to keep creating web pages, writing new blog posts, finding new niches, sharing my own expertise, sharing other's interesting content - and building links that other people, places, Web 2.0 properties, search engines and entities on the internet RESPECT. Because I don't work FOR Google. Do you?