Saturday, June 23, 2012

Mac SEO Possibilities With OSX Mountain Lion

It took me a few days to digest and grok the Internet Marketing and Website Promotion potential of Apple's next generation Mountain Lion OSX SEO tools potential. So I went back and watched the  WWDC Keynote 2012 again.

On iOS, we've seen savvy website promotion apps, tools and SEM workflows that allow you to do powerful IM activites from an iPhone or iPad. But for those of us who are bound to a Macintosh desktop or do most of our Mac SEO and Social Participation work from a MacBook laptop, OSX Mountain Lion will open up some interesting new opportunities to create content, engage in Social Media Marketing, build backlinks and get the job done with some of OSX's new features.

Mac Dictation
Most intriguing is the prospect of Mac article marketing or blog posting using Apple's new DICTATION services that work with any text handling app. It's the potential of OSX Mountain Lion and Dictation to revolutionize Mac article marketing that intrigues me most. If you're not gifted with writing skills (and most people aren't!) - writing and editing articles is a living hell. Even if you are good at writing, article production is STILL a living hell.

The reality is that most of us can SPEAK far more accurately and clearly than we can type it - and do it far faster and more efficiently. It remains to be seen exactly how well Dictation handles Speech Recognition in general - and more importantly - how or if it can handle voice controlled EDITING of what's been spoken. Can Apple's Dictation be used to fill out web forms and text fields while surfing the web? Or only in standalone OSX text-handling applications as was demonstrated in the keynote? Can I write and spin articles on a Mac with voice alone, publish bookmarks? Submit to directories? Post to a blog? Issue a Press Release?

Social Sharing
I can hardly wait to find out. Bring it on Apple, I'll download the OSX 10.8 release the day its available,  to start to explore ways Dictation, Notification Center, Sharing, FaceBook and Twitter Tweet Sheets (with multiple-account support no less!) can help me in my daily Apple internet marketing tasks as a newly empowered Mac webmaster using Mountain Lion.