Thursday, June 21, 2012

Google SEO Myths : Spun Content Recognition and Penalties?

In the post Penguin Webspam Update aftermath -- Google proved two things: 1. It really CAN'T recognize crappy spun on-page content. And 2. It would rather decimate the traffic of 100,001 websites to punish their 'Unnatural' backlink profiles and 'Site Quality Issues' to present you with crap like this on Page 1 of SERPS:

Ranking near the top of search for 'Bread Machine Reviews', we were given this delightful Post-Penguin supposed webspam eliminating excerpt from

"It is actually loud. The actual massaging procedure is really a sensible loud extramarital relationship which endures 30-40 minute's complete. It's possibly difficult to prevent all of the sound in the breadmaker, but when you reside in a tiny condo or even home, you can't place it someplace sound won't trouble a person. Which means that you'll probably end up being woke up through the sound whether it begins to massage the actual money 3 hrs before you decide to need to get upward each morning towards the fantastic newly cooked breads."

There's a lot an Apple web master can learn from this example. If you look at the entire Weebly blog post, it has what Google says it wants: Lengthy, In-Depth content, Well-Structured with sub-headers and bullet-points and everything. A modern website theme, Image used to engage users with visual appeal, an embedded YouTube video to insure your quality, low-bounce rate experience and on-time site engagement metrics are maximized. Etc. etc, yada-yada, blah-blah, bullshit.

I'll spare you a diatribe of what's wrong with 'The Best Search Engine' in the world and say a few simple things:

  • As long as your content is as well presented as this garbage, you OUGHT to rank well.
  • Don't worry about using a Mac Spinner for content rewriting if you so choose - because clearly OTHER FACTORS are at work ranking content.
  • WHERE you place content is clearly more important than the quality of verbage you put there.
  • That sadly, Google's LSI - Latent Symantec Indexing skills are either non-existent or horribly lame. They're not as smart grokking what you say on-page as they'd like you to believe.
  • Grammar matters to a humans enjoyment of your content - but not to GoogleBot.
  • Posting crap content on a free Weebly blog might help you get web traffic.
  • Spamming blog comments with a single top-money keyword helped this page to rank.
  • The utter lack of 'Anchor Link Diversity' or 'Branding' or 'Naked URL's' didn't seem to hurt its ranking now did it? (This is supposedly a 'Penguin Recovery Strategy' many are attempting. But will it help?)

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