Thursday, February 2, 2012

Mac Spinner? Best Article Spinner For Mac Webmasters

At some point in your internet marketing efforts you're going to come across the need for SPINTAX - the horrible, painful way to mix and vary Titles, Descriptions or Articles by using {Brackets and Dividers|Dividers and Brackets|Geeky Symbols} to create the spun content.

Yes you can do it {manually|by hand}, but its slow and error-prone and most of all a productivity time-pit. So Spinners - Spintax generation programs or services are the smart way to go. Personally, I find SpinRewriter - an Apple webmaster friendly Mac article spinner tool to be simple, elegant and most of all - highly intelligent to produce clean, readable content that is NOT an embarrassment to have posted about the internet.

They have an 'I'm Feeling Lucky' one-click option. You're wise to set it to the very conservative mode.

Spin Rewriter spintax software settingsProofread the resulting spin and be willing to manually edit a few things to refine your content. The English language and it's nuances can produce odd results even with great spintax software. Edit out and refine what doesn't read well. Google's linguistic and syntactical prowess is better than ever - and knows horribly spun garbage when it sees it. So put your best foot forward and present READABLE content HUMANS would appreciate. Your content will rank better, and is more likely to be shared.

Although other spinners exist, SpinRewriter is head and shoulders above most others in the clean output it produces, and because it is a SAS - Software As A Service - any Mac website owner can access it with Safari or Mac FireFox browser. A free trial can get you started, with very affordable monthly subscriptions for your ongoing Article Marketing needs for well-spun, unique content from your seed articles.