Friday, February 17, 2012

Google's SEO Slaughterhouse : Dying Below The Fold

Take a look at the screenshot below - And get used to what you're seeing: Google search results "Above The Fold" that for all practical purposes really doesn't show organic 1-10 text results anymore - at least on my laptop computer screen. Great if you're in the #1 SERP position like Engadget shown here, but it leaves room for nothing but despair for affiliate internet marketers trying to succeed in popular product categories.

In an SEO world where searchers - or even visitors to your site - are increasingly unwilling to SCROLL DOWN to see more, this is the death knell for SEO As We Knew It. In ever more searches, particularly for consumer products - Big Brand and Online Store links are literally displacing ALL but the #1 search for an ever growing number of items.

Woe to you if you're an Affiliate Marketer running a product review site. Because the average searcher is now HALF as likely to even bother scrolling down to see the full text search results. If your site traffic has been decimated by Panda - this is one of the reasons why. Google's making it easier than ever to 'Just CLICK ON A PICTURE' of what you want to consume - and you don't even have to be bothered with seeing more or reading icky, boring old text in the usual 1-10 SERP positions.

Product images and Brand links aren't 'new' to Google results. But what is changing is how many MORE product types and categories are given this preferential treatment for high-volume product search queries. And There Isn't A Damned Thing You Can Do About It... Except try to live in the ever-growing shadow of Google's power, in the ever-shrinking noose of website visibility for all but the biggest players and properties on the internet. Get used to it - its another deepening, bitter taste of SEO in 2012 and beyond.

SEO FOOD FOR THOUGHT : Imagine you're trying to tackle this product niche and this is what Google displays. If you want to survive: Pray to gawd you're doing well with Bing/Yahoo, Tweet your head off and leverage FaceBook, blogging and articles the best you can - cuz really there's only a DRIBBLE of organic Google traffic to be had...