Sunday, January 22, 2012

Dirt Cheap Free Directory Submitter For Mac Web Masters

SEO types might argue the current 'value'  and 'risks' of free directory submission done in bulk to the thousands upon thousands of 'SEO Friendly' directory sites out there. With few REAL HUMANS ever visiting them - besides other desperate website owners looking for a place to get a backlink - most directory links don't lead to much if any meaningful site traffic you can build a business model around. In this ever-tightening noose of Authority, Social Media Whos-Who Participation, Authorship, and Realtime Sharing - older link-building methods just don't carry a fraction of the weight they used to.

Directory backlinks DO have a bit of SEO value remaining however, particularly in high competition niches where you are slugging it out against competitors with very high numbers of backlinks overall. Directories can still help with anchoring your top money keywords across a broad range of IP addresses and geographies - and sort of play the role of 'backfill' reinforcing and balancing what is hopefully a diverse range of link types and anchors with far higher authority that you've already built elsewhere.

The best free directory submission tools or services allow SPINNING TITLES to create the most anchor text diversity during the submission process. This may be CRITICAL given the recent Google Penguin update and it's harsh-view of backlinks lacking keyword diversity. For multiple Title variants - I recommend Quicker Submitter with it's support for DIY multiple Title and Descriptions for $10 or less per domain.

ESPECIALLY IF YOUR SITE IS LESS THAN A YEAR OLD and doesn't have much of a backlink profile -- It's just outright dangerous to a young site to dump a large, bulk directory submission on a single keyword unless your domain has the age, authority and resilience to handle a burst of backlinks that bulk directory submission often results in.

For YOUNG sites that are still vulnerable to Google's SandBox and Penalties, I only recommend SMALL batches done over time, perhaps outsourcing gigs every few months with different or spun Titles and Descriptions along the way in a slow, more 'organic' process. Otherwise, your initial link building efforts on a new domain should always focus on QUALITY Blog, Contextual, Press Release and Article links from authoritative sources first!

(In the post-Penguin Webspam Update aftermath, using a single keyword for mass-directory submits MAY incur a penalty your site may NOT be able to recover from!)

That said: For more Advanced and Aggressive link builders, one of the most affordable mass directory submitter tools for Mac site owners who want to do a single blast to nearly 700 directories anchored with a single keyword and description may want to check out Auto Directory Submission for a highly affordable way to nail a single key phrase title and get on with other SEO - SEM tasks. With a submit as low as $2 per site when credits are purchased in quantity - it's dirt cheap, lets you submit to directories with Safari or FireFox Mac and takes only minutes. Most directories won't need email verification, but it's smart to: 1. Choose your single, Anchor Title Keyword WISELY. 2. Use a 'junky', secondary email address in case of spam - and 3. Review your inbox for confirmation emails to help improve directory inclusion rates.