Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Why Google HATES Your Website - Some Of The Time

It's a LOVE-HATE relationship many webmasters have with Google. You're hot. You're not. With no rhyme or reason. If your web site's relationship with Goog is more like getting FELT-UP in the back of a car and then DUMPED, you know what I'm saying. Yes we'd really rather be riding in a limo on to our wedded bliss with Google's daily devoted love... But it's just not in the cards for the time being.

Here's an interesting site traffic graph that may seem all to familiar, ALL-OR-NOTHING traffic. The big spikes are when a site typically has gotten one or more high-traffic keywords onto Page One of SERPS. The bottomless pits are when you slide back onto Page Two of Google - or worse.

Also telling is how low the lows are. For this niche, Bing and Yahoo and all my Web 2.0 back-links just don't give much of a 'floor' for this site to survive on. It's really feast or famine.

There's a coupla reasons for this: High-Competition for Page 1. Weak backlink building which means more social bookmarking, article writing, directory submissions, Hubpages, Squidoo Lenses, Tweets and Blog posts are needed to even begin to keep a steady level of traffic when Google doesn't love me. Lastly, this site still isn't a full year old. So the ups and downs have alot to do with the site lacking age and authority... yet.

There's hope tho: Every time you get a blast of traffic and rank high for some keywords - each of the search engines note that - and your top keyword stats will start to tell you more clearly EACTLY what the top money phrases are. And what you can (albeit) briefly COMPETE on. You may also see that when you do get traffic each spike may last longer and hit new peaks. Here, I've gone from 3 day romances to week-long love fests. That's actually a good sign that your site IS MAKING PROGRESS for the long-haul - no matter how painful it may be day to day.