Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Apple SEO - Bookmark Automation : Too Much Of A Good Thing?

Smart Mac website owners actively promote and push their sites to online visibility using a variety of SEO tools and tactics. Establishing a Brand, Name or Persona across the Social Web sphere is a critical part of that, ideally on as many high-ranking Web 2.0 sites as possible.

Once you have Web 2.0 profiles in place (i.e. Twitter, FaceBook, Last.fm, Wordpress, Blogger, Identi.ca, FriendFeed, Posterous, et al..) there's ways to LINK PROFILES AND ONLINE ACTIVITY so that one action is posted ACROSS ALL your accounts. Some popular services that do this are PING.FM, AMPLIFY and ONLYWIRE.

Very powerful indeed. One of the problems tho is duplicate content getting shoved out to potentially DOZENS of sites at once. Or little micro Tweets and status updates ending up as unwanted 'Blog Posts' on blogs that need more content. Sometimes individual accounts can get shut down, blocked or banned for 'Spamming' if you're too active - and too good - at social marketing with your Mac. Some services are more unforgiving of using your account for commercial purposes than others. (Identi.ca, Free WordPress accounts in particular...)

By all means, visit PING.FM or ONLYWIRE to get an idea of WHERE you should have accounts set up to leverage the power of Social Media. But tread lightly, if you automate bulk-posting and always whore your own links - do so prudently and intermittently. These Social Accounts have real SEO value - but can become worthless if YOUR accounts are terminated. (Which may be a good reason to outsource some link building tasks - I personally use Social Adder to leverage bookmarks made with OTHER PEOPLE'S ACCOUNTS - and not the ones you rely on directly for your business or personal brand.)