Thursday, July 14, 2011

Automated Link Building - Networks and Blogs

I fired up Safari and noodled around doing a bit of site competition analysis at just looking at some of the Mac friendly, browser-based link building automation tools that Apple website owners might be interested in:

Of the monthly subscription based offerings, its interesting how there's no real standouts traffic wise, all generate realtively equal interest. SocialMonkee's recent launch and marketing push gives it a recent traffic edge, but it's winding down. Wish I could go back more than a year to see how these have fared long term.

A favorite of mine - has been around a long time and offers the widest variety of link placements: Blog sidebar & footer, mini-article posts, contextual links and anchored comments. Others like SocialMonkee - and another favorite: SocialAdr have a Set-It-&-Forget-It social bookmarking focus, IMAutomator has finally pulled together a Swiss-Army knife RSS, Directory, Article and Social submitter I wish I would have locked in at $25/mo, but now it's $50. Lastly for a strict, very high PR and quality Blog Network, Build My Rank is a hybrid Article post and thorough Indexing network that gets clean, original and well-written UN-SPUN articles indexed and ranking like few others do.

None of these are be-all end-all SEM tools. But combined form a formidable arsenal to help those Mac web masters with multiple sites dominate the internet. When time is money, and as your MMO empire racks in the profits, these Apple compatible link services can free your time for more important tasks, and are worth every cent.