Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Browser Based Social Bookmarking Tools For Mac

Manually slogging from site to site to socially bookmark your content is tedious and time consuming - though it does have a few advantages: You're far more likely to vary the content, Titles and Tags as you bookmark your pages and posts for a far more natural and organic backlink profile.

Particularly for a new site - or one that's lagging and needs a boost - I'm fond of Social Maximizer for the opportunity to craft multiple titles and descriptions and more importantly - Lets you target only a PR3 and Pr4+ social bookmarking batch of sites. Normally, I don't like paying 19 cents per bookmark submission, but for about $5-12 you get DIRECT CONTROL over every Title, Sentence and Keyword and pound some important stakes in the internet's turf.

Automation services or outsourcing that doesn't let you directly vary Titles or spin your bookmarks basically dump alot of duplicate content. That isn't necessarily harmful - it just often isn't helpful. Sites succeed in the long-haul because they target a handful of high-traffic money keywords, not just a single 'magic'keyword!

Social Maximizer is only one part of the puzzle to building backlinks, but I find it helpful. Sometimes I'll run a second batch a week or two later to only the high-PR sites for a DEEP-LINK inner page or post URL to give added site strength beyond my root domain URL.