Monday, July 4, 2011

Best Web Hosting For Mac?

Most hosting companies offer two types of hosting plans: FrontPage or Linux. Oddly, Mac owners should opt for the latter: a Linux plan to be compatible with Mac OSX web design software and FTP programs like Transmit, CyberDuck etc. FrontPage is only right for Windows users.

Apple web masters intent to Make Money Online should opt for Unlimited Domains and Bandwidth packages so that you can build as many sites or blogs as you want - and not worry about traffic levels.

Rather than putting all my domains on a single IP shared hosting plan - for more IP diversity I host handfuls of sites here and there. I still like the world-class phone support and usability of GoDaddy Hosting. With online coupon codes I save a bundle on every upgrade, renewal or registration and I've had zero regrets with GoDaddy as my primary provider. Perhaps the lowest-cost hosting with a free domain is at - tho it took some time to get used to it. Most recently I set up some new sites at which uses the industry standard C-PANEL interface: Its insanely feature rich - and well documented. All seem to behave and interact well in Safari or Mac FireFox browsers.

Regardless of which company you choose - it's always smart to think ahead. PRE-PAY for a full year of hosting up front (rather than month-to-month) and you'll cut your overhead and be that much closer to website profitability. I'm also fond of GoDaddy's BULK registration that saves a ton of money and offers a free initial year of Private Registration if you order up 6 or more domains.