Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Mac SEO Outsourcing - On The Cheap

If you have more than a few sites or blogs, you'll quickly hit a point where managing them becomes an increasing challenge. Any webmaster's top three challenges are going to be:
1. Creating new content
2. Monitoring stats, traffic and keywords
3. Relentless backlink building

Unless you're an exceptionally disciplined SEO, we all often take a rather scattershot approach throughout our marketing and optimization work-hours - juggling this, twiddling that, checking, checking - and often get sidetracked, distracted and derailed from our internet marketing tasks.

Some of the most tedious aspects of website promotion and content generation can be easily - and cheaply outsourced. Lately I've been dabbling alot at - especially in the SOCIAL MEDIA section to find folks who'll do some SEO - SEM jobs for me for a mere $5. I've snagged some truly effective Account Creation and Backlink Building jobs there. Some were an incredible time-saver, others largely a waste of $5 - or perhaps more accurately - just didn't get me the site traffic boost, or visible and 'sticky' permanent backlinks I'd hoped for.

Five bucks ain't much to risk. And some gigs have been real gems that saved me a TON of time - and a great deal of my sanity. If nothing else, it's an affordable entry into the world of outsourcing - and forming partnerships with people who can help get your site seen and reaching your target market.