Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Social Bookmarking Software for Mac

Building a website on your Apple Mac is one thing. Maintaining and updating your site content is another. But the bulk of your time and work need to go into Internet Marketing and website promotion. There's some great Macintosh friendly IM - SEM tools you should know about. One I really like:

This FREE Mac compatible social bookmarking software - and I use the term 'software' loosely - is completely web based and lets you submit social bookmarks directly in Safari - or even easier, using the SocialMonkee FireFox Mac SEO toolbar plug-in. SEO on a Mac doesn't get much easier than this.

Bookmark Smart: Use the Title and Description spinning feature to target your TOP 3-5 performing or targeted Keyword phrases. Its easy to use 'Spintax' can help you produce a more diverse and natural set of back-links.