Saturday, February 12, 2011

Mac SEM Tips : Website Safety Through Diversity

The steady trickle to flood of traffic from getting several to dozens of your website's top keywords to Page 1 SERP listing on Google is a great thing to have. But there's no guarantee they'll STAY there. Some may slide off to Page 2 or worse - and can decimate your efforts to MMO - Make Money Online.

Diversification can be your site's salvation. And that means paying attention to Bing-Yahoo-Ask rankings as some kind of baseline or floor to protect you from Googles daily or weekly oscillations. And Google traffic swings can be severe - especially if your site is young.

But more importantly: Think beyond Organic Search at all the Engines - to the many other SEO sources of visitors and traffic that add to your website's stability and income sustainability. Building backlinks and submitting Articles, Web 2.0 Bookmarks, Directory listings, RSS feeds to and from here, there, everywhere - no matter how trivial - does add up to incremental gains in traffic, keyword diversity and safety.

Tip: Imagine a world - and business model - where you produce a sustainable living online with your Mac, even if Google never sent you one iota of search traffic. Strive to diversify your traffic sources so that you could keep your face fed without Goog -- and you can FREE yourself from its iron grip.