Thursday, February 10, 2011

Free Article Submission Software for Mac OSX

Using cross-platform Adobe AIR - this FREE Mac compatible article submitter software can help you get the job done. Some built-in spinning options as you step thru helps provide more unique content. You'll want to set up accounts at the top Article sites first. Then the rest is

Sadly, support for Brad Callen's Article Submission Helper was discontinued. However, it still runs on Mac OSX just fine though and can still be used. It's especially handy for Spun Article distribution because of it's built-in spintax handler. You can paste a pre-spun article into it, generate a variant, then copy/paste the info into the current article site you're logged into. Then regenerate the next spin and so on. With the built-in web-browser function, you can just log into the high-PR 4+ article sites still worth publishing on these days (they're fewer than ever.)

If you're interest in QUANTITY - and not article directory quality. Those looking for outright Mass/Bulk Article Submission might find SpinDistribute to be very handy. For a coupla bucks you can submit a spun article to 100's of directories. Perhaps best for Tier-1 properties and not your main money site. Could also be helpful in instances where the (up to) 3 anchor text links in the Author Resource Box might be used for some extensively spun anchor texts to help with diluting over optimized keywords.