Sunday, September 4, 2011

Keyword Tools For Mac SEO

There's two kinds of keywords: The one's you got right that help your website get traffic traffic - and those that you forgot to use that's helping SOMEONE ELSE make a killing online.

What You Don't Know - Can Hurt Your SEO
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Sure, I'd poked around with Google's Keyword Tool, and Trends, and various other online keyword tools trying to synthesize the right 'vocabulary' for a niche site. Bit it wasn't till I sat down with the free trial of Market Samuari on my MacBook that a much clearer sense of keyword phrases that I ought to be targeting became clear. Not just keywords that had an adequate search volume - but in particular the amount of SEOTC - SEO Title Competition that MarketSamurai made clear.

If you're sharp (and the SEO software can help filter this with Rules) you'll start to see keywords that have decent moderate traffic - but FEWER PAGES Titled and addressing that keyword than others. Conversely - and somewhat surprisingly - you'll also see keyword phrases that A LOT of people are targeting and writing about that really don't get searched on as much as you'd think. And most importantly, words a new site really doesn't stand a chance on - at least until your site gains some age and authority. With some great, short training videos online, I learned how to use MarketSamurai and it's Keyword Module, and wised up fast. And with a few judicious keyword changes to existing site page Titles, Descriptions and Body Headers - they started getting the traffic and traction they deserved.