Sunday, August 7, 2011

Outsource Article Samurai Submissions : Mac SEO Tips

Well that didn't take long. Of the few hundred people who got in on Noble Samurai's submission service and subscribed to ArticleSamurai article marketing software for Mac (and PC) - a few have already offered outsourcing on Fiverr. Depending on the gig ordered, they may want you to provide somewhat PRE-SPUN articles and Author/Resource boxes. That's in your best interest so you can precisely control the ANCHOR TEXT of the links in the content you'll be outsourcing.

For those Mac web masters that can't justify or afford an Article Samurai monthly subscription, this may be an opportunity to get your articles distributed out on their network and test the SEO value for yourself at $5/article distributed.

Particularly if you have a brand new domain or parked site you've yet to build links to: These can be good test-beds for the effectiveness of backlink building strategies. They can also provide clues as to sites, strength, indexation and Page Rank of various Blog and Article Networks - provided you have a 'clean', empty backlink profile to start with. If you missed out getting in on the now-closed ArticleSamurai service at $97/month, this is a chance to test the SEO value of the content distribution service until it reopens again at thier projected $197/month full subscription price.