Thursday, January 21, 2016

Video Marketing On A Mac - What R U Waiting For

It's never to late to try a Mac video marketing strategy - even if you're late to the game. The SEO and web traffic potential is just too compelling to pass up. And it's value for Brand building and Name Recognition shouldn't be underestimated. In a world where ever-more people can't be bothered to READ anymore, they are increasingly being engaged by video.

Not every Apple user is natural born speaker or actor. But using your Macintosh to create a video doesn't necessarily imply you need to be in front of a webcam if don't want to be. Some folks are infinitely more comfortable just narrating a slideshow behind the scenes, or creating animated explainer videos to visually represent you.

Your Apple computer is an excellent companion that excels for digital video creation and has ever since Apple introduced the first FireWire enabled DV iMacs 15+ years ago. The current selection of video capture and editing apps, screen recording, voice-over and soundtrack audio tools for OSX is staggering.

But beyond your Macintosh - the growth of cloud-based video tools you can access with your Safari, Firefox Mac or Chrome browser is exploding. After dabbling with some explainer tools like RenderForest and Wideo - I've recently been experimenting with VidioDek which is letting me create marketing videos on a Mac in just minutes. With proper long-tail keyword research, getting the videos ranking on Page 1 of Google search results for moderate to low-competition keywords has been brain dead easy.