Friday, September 6, 2013

Tracking Google Algo Fluctuations - Made Easy With MozCast and Algoroo

Trying to make sense of the wild ups and downs your site may experience from minor and sometimes major fluctuations in organic Google search traffic may be challenging. It is something YOU did with your site content or back-linking that made a positive difference - or a negative consequence? Or is Google 'Up to something?'

There's two great online resources can give you a quick reality check and a Big Picture sense of external algo factors that may be affecting EVERYONE - and not jut you and your own site(s).

Algoroo offers a an easy to grok dashboard showing the degree of volatility in Google SERPS over the past month, with more volatile days shown in red, the more uneventful ones in green in the bar graph. The 'speedometer' widgets reflect both a visual and numeric readout of Overall, Monthly and Yesterdays changes.

Likewise, MozCast offers a comparable but more simplistic chart of Google SERP volatility. They use a bar graph and a 'Weather' metaphor and temperature readout for how 'Hot and Stormy' the day to changes of the Top 10 SERP positions have been recently.

Note that despite having their own formulas for how they calculate and track top keywords across major themes (Tech, News, Sports, Shopping, Health, Business, Etc) both Mozcast and Algoroo largely agree and correlate highly on the overall pattern. Both identify when SERPS are at an extreme state of flux, and when things are calmer.