Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Google Penguin Update - April 2103 ??? Happy Anniversary!

Let's see - what day was it - For me: April 24th 2012 was the day Google's initial Penguin update hit my websites - and really there's been NO real recovery since. As Google Intended.

Even the elite of the SEO world are shaking sticks and warning of THE NEXT PENGUIN UPDATE in 2013 that will (once again) rock the internet as you know it and bring another million websites to it's knees into the SEO cesspool of invisibility.

As we approach the 1 year anniversary of Google's Penguin Algo update in 2013 - I just ponder all the juicy details they've amassed from all the self-serving, self-preservationist webmaster Rat-Finks who divulged all their nasty, nasty links with the Disavow Tool - and all that delicious data-mining fodder will be the ammo that blasts the remaining Democracy of Internet Publishing to shreds.

I stopped using Google Search a year ago, if you think their self-serving SERP results contain only a fraction of what's REALLY out there on the internet - wait till the big kahuna "DEATH BLOW" update strikes....

If you had a website or sites that were gasping for their last dying breath for traffic -- Be at peace as the Grim Reaper comes to harvest the cold and still corpse that will be left after this next major Penguin update.