Thursday, September 13, 2012

FaceBook Search Engine Rumblings : To Bing or Not Bing?

FaceBook is quickly approaching nearly 1 Billion users. That's a serious user base. But beyond the sheer numbers of people using it -- What's more significant is the amount of TIME folks spend on FaceBook day in and day out. Think of the literal HOURS per day people may spend on FB and compare it to the mere minutes they may actually be active using Google search.

Years back, FaceBook and Bing partnered - with Bing providing what could only be described as 'supplimental' Search Results. By nature, the default of search is to find People or Companies by name from FaceBooks database - and Bing's actual website search results are usually only shown demoted much, much further down. Suggestions for Bing queries  are often 'below the fold' unless a readily identifiable Brand, Group or Person can't be found.  You typically have to scroll down to even see the 'See More Results' divider:

If FaceBook and Bing are to make any SERIOUS dent in Google's dominance, they need to get their search shit together and fast!
WHY should we have to leave FaceBook, go to Google to find something to share, then return to FaceBook to complete the task? Why should we have to leave FaceBook at all? Why isn't Bing web search featured much more prominently IN our feed to make accessing outside information seamless and integrated?

There's talk across the 'net about FaceBook coming up with it's own search engine to challenge Google's dominance. And trust me, with 1+ Billion users, FB could be a MAJOR search destination threat to Google. But why is there even talk of FB reinventing the wheel? Why they've dragged their feet FULLY leveraging Bing's search prowess lurking inside is mind boggling. When will FB wake up and sieze the opportunity to complete the puzzle they already have major pieces of in place?

The problem - and solution - is simply one of exposing and integrating Bing search in such a highly visible and integrated way that it makes STAYING on FaceBook a no-brainer. Wake up FaceBook! The clock is ticking...