Sunday, September 9, 2012

Bing It On Beeyotch! Bing SERPS vs Google

Over at I've blogged about Microsoft's "Bing It On" campaign and search engine comparison test: Bing vs Google Search - Bing It On! - It's an eye-opening opportunity to see side-by-site which search engine's results seem more relevant and meaningful to YOU - or if the Top-10 SERPS are organized and presented in a way that seems logical and more useful to you.

Frankly after April 2012's Google Penguin webspam update I found the 'balance' of Googles SERP results to reflect a much narrower 'World View' of the world wide web in all it's free democratic glory.  They seem to be over filtering, over branding, ignoring highly relevant niche sites, and skewing search results to what THEY want me to see - and not necessarily what I'm looking for.

Enough! I switched my default search engine to Bing in Safari preferences. I prefer Pepsi and Google is losing my eyeballs to be splattered with their advert heavy SERPS. Google's search portal has become about as exciting and unwelcome as receiving a VAL-PAK amongst the junk mail in my mailbox. When the 'cover' of a search engine's front page is 80% advertisements instead of 80% actual stories - well - I don't want to read your junk mail anymore...