Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Bing Webmaster Tools Gets Awesome SEO Dashboard Redesign

Got an email notification today from Bing's Webmaster Tools to check out their new user interface improvements. WOW! Microsoft's development team seems to have really studied usability concerns and created a Dashboard and site status display that presents your website's 'traction' in Bing search in an instantly and meaningful way. For example, the Trend Graphs below are at-a-glance informative, and even the use of color (i.e. Green, Red, Blue) indicates upswings, declines - or holding steady.

The previous Webmaster Tools interface - based on Microsoft's SilverLight(tm) Plug-In was far too twiddle-fiddly and required a great deal of futzing. So this compact visual consolidation of what matters is a godsend.

What's most intriguing and exciting about Webmaster Tool's new improvements is in the Diagnostics section. Bing's providing (currently in beta) versions of Keyword Research, Link Explorer, BingBot, Markup and SEO Analyzer tools - all from a single screen! Nice.

For those web masters who's traffic has been ravaged - or sites outright punished by Google Penguin Updates, paying attention to what's happening with your Bing-Yahoo traffic is more important than ever. This update to Bing's website tools couldn't be more timely. So if you haven't registered and validated your site(s) - its time to do so and check out these new offerings from the Bing team.