Thursday, December 8, 2011

Mac Webmaster Tools : Article Samurai Reopens For Subscriptions

The guys at NobleSamurai - makers of the world class Mac SEO software Market Samurai continue evolving its Mac compatible article submission and content distribution network service, Article Samurai. Selling out literally within MINUTES - the first round of beta testers got an opportunity to subscribe, and now two months later, another limited opportunity for the next wave of subscribers has been offered.

Clearly the folks at Noble Samurai are deliberately creating a MARKETING SQUEEZE limited-time opportunity, cuz if you weren't one of the "LUCKY" ones to pay for their $97+/mo content distribution service, you'll get another "HURRY UP AND JUMP ON IT" chance to subscribe again.

Article Samurai ain't the only game in town, and they're up against other proven players in the field. And so far, the first wave of subscribers hasn't led to concrete proof or definitive reviews that their blog and article network system is head and shoulders above any others. After all a link is a link is a link, and either sends link juice and eyeballs your way - or not.

Ultimately, I think Article Samurai is perhaps right for SEO Firms, the Fortune 5000, Big Players with allocated or outsourced staff and time to generate article after article of well-spun content. For us Little-Folk, check out for opportunities to submit a few articles of your own for $5 to let someone who ALREADY HAS SUBSCRIBED to Article Samurai run a few jobs through FOR you.