Sunday, October 30, 2011

How To Get - And Keep - Website Backlinks Indexed

Quality, SEO optimized content goes a long way on its own two feet. Whether it's static website content, blog posts or article submissions - an Apple webmaster can get a lot of organic search engine love from Yahoo, Bing and Google simply with flawless content. By that I mean carefully crafted, keyword-loaded titles and content with good grammar, zero spelling errors, and proper sentence structure. Depending on your niche, authority, and SEO competition levels, that may be enough to get those pages and posts crawled, and keep your content indexed in search results.

However, when that isn't enough, using one of the better engineered backlink indexing services can transform your online web business - or at least get incremental gains in traffic or site profitability wringing out the most link-juice from your existing back link and online content marketing efforts.

Many web marketing newbies struggle with the where, what, why and hows of promoting a website - and verifying if and where worthwhile link-building efforts are even paying off. Even seasoned SEO's struggle to stay ontop of 'What works well - NOW?' in an ever-changing internet landscape. As your linking skills grow with time, it's natural to look for the Next-Level of refined site promotion tactics.

Fortifying your existing back link profile is that next level. Highly-contrived SEO 'schemes' such as Link-Wheels and Pyramids are one method of architecting quasi-authority and the flow of link juice. But it doesn't have to be that way. Assuming you already use a wise, diverse set of site promotion sources from directories to social bookmarking to articles and press-releases -- and participate in the realtime Social Media sites - there's already a very organic and loose interconnected web of links ALREADY at your disposal. So why not leverage the far more natural, random and untapped power of your existing internet authority infrastructure? The key is finding ways to automate creating links to your back links using some simple tools and processes to find your existing links and feed them easily into a distribution and posting system that does the heavy work for you.

There are many free backlink check tools online to help: Most notably Yahoo Site Explorer, Bing Webmaster tools and particularly Majestic SEO for copying or downloading lists of your sites known links. You may find the best quick extraction is done in Market Samurais SEO COMPETITION Module and copying the URL column from a spreadsheet after downloading your site's .CSV file. Paste those URL's into BackLinksIndexer's queue, click 'ADD', and let it do it's thing - driving even more link power to those you've worked so hard to build.